Andy Bradfield
Producer / Mixer - Biog

Andy is a Freelance Mixer & Producer Based in London
Andy started his Career in London's Olympic & Townhouse Studio's, before going freelance & moving into Production & Mixing
Although he trained as an Recording Engineer, Andy was increasingly asked to mix projects, and to step into the Producer chair when needed.
Andy has been Grammy Nominated as well as 4 times Latin Grammy nominated for his work with Miguel Bose
Andy works on many different types of material, which makes his work interesting and varied.
“I grew up with Analog tape machines & SSL Consoles, but by the late 90’s productions were busting out of what could be achieved this way. Suddenly 48 tracks wasn’t enough! and tape was becoming too limited with regard to editing, which is one of the reasons I was a very early adopter of Pro Tools, it was becoming difficult to get what you needed in the time with drop in's alone.
These days I am very happy sitting in front of the ICON and I don’t feel I have to fight the technology any more! in fact quite the reverse. The hybrid way of working brings benefits to the mixing process I could only dream about a few years ago when using only an analog mixing desk!
My role is to take the pressure off the producer & Artist at the critical last stage, so they can concentrate on the music, and not worry about how to get there.
Projects are becoming increasingly complex, and the track counts just keep going up”
Andy’s studio in West London has a mixture of vintage Analog & Digital outboard Equipment, and many plug in’s, but, most importantly accurate recall for the all important “Final Touches"
Having worked on many albums, Singles, and film projects including the epic Moulin Rouge, Andy is well used to keeping up with hectic sessions, and deadlines, either with people attending the session, or working remotely when people are not able to attend.
Andy Works with the Artist, Producer, manager & Label to make the project come together.
Andy has a full 5.1 Setup as well as traditional Stereo mixing setup in the studio.

Andy does most of his mixing work in his own studio, but does occasionally venture out if the project requires it.
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Neil Davidge Ft. Cate Le Bon
Galant Foxes
The XX - Together (Gatsby)
The Ting Tings - Be The One
Tone Damli - Winner Of a Losing Game
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